Troubleshoot for LIVE services and Zoom classes.

LIVE stream on website

These are a few tips for those of you who watch the LIVE stream on our website:
The LIVE stream should start at 6:30pm on Friday and 10:30am on Saturday. If you open the page before that time, your computer of phone will not register the new LIVE video added to the page.
If you don’t see the LIVE video after the scheduled time, please make sure to refresh the page, that should take care of the situation. This can be done in several ways:
  1. Come back to this email and click this link:
  2. Refresh using keyboard commands:
  • Windows — Hold down Ctrl and press R.
  • Mac — Hold down ⌘ Command and press R.

For Zoom

  • If you don’t have Zoom, go into the app store on your phone or computer, and install the Zoom app.
  • Click the link provided to connect, it will take you to a window to “Join”
  • The link will direct you to a Zoom waiting room. Please wait for the host to give you access. We are taking this extra step as a security measure.
  • Once you gain access to the meeting room, click “Allow” for video and microphone, make sure your microphone is muted during the meeting. Unmute it only to participate and comment. (The mute/unmute button is the microphone icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.)
The Zoom meeting room will be open 10 minutes before the class/service starts. Make sure to connect at that time so that you can test your connection.
We all look forward to seeing each other!