Remembering Ruth Sonderling

I remember meeting Ruth and hearing about all of her volunteer activities. And in fact, when one ran into Ruth at the Desert Regional Hospital it was like meeting a celebrity! Over the many years that she worked at the hospital, she had become known for her ability to connect with each patient and every staff person - she was known for her positive energy and spirit!
Ruth gave me a feeling of familiarity. Someone coming from Europe with a similar background as my parents and me . It never ceased to amaze me how Ruth was able to stay so positive even after all negative and difficult experiences she had been through in her life. And she was able to find something good in each situation!
Still thinking of Ruth often and feeling close to her as I continue to say Kadish for her.
May Ruth's memory be a blessing and may all her acts of kindness be a guiding light for us all.

Sascha Lazar

I got to know Ruth at Friday night services. After Eric and I visited Denmark, I told Ruth about it since I knew that she lived there during the war. She recounted her family’s experience running from the Nazis on a fishing boat. What I had read about as a student and what the Danish guide had mentioned took on a personal meeting. Ruth was a very sweet woman whom I was happy to get to know. She will be missed.

Susan Ortner