Remembering Vicki Miller

One of my favorite memories with Vicki was going together on the LA Women’s March, in March of 2028. Before that, we had gotten to know each other when she volunteered in an office I managed. We loved discussing art & fashion, and she gave me dating advice! I loved being at their home for Seder - Vicki was a fabulous hostess!

Larea Pettersen

Vicky taught me about gratitude and elegance. When talking with Vicky through all her hardships, it was special to see that she was strong and grateful for all she did have. I was very moved by Vicky's talk at the meeting where she shared her experiences about becoming Jewish. Vicky was so proud of her Judaism . The way she described how much she loved the practices and getting to know everything that is involved in being jewish made me see my own spirituality and connection to Judaism in a new light. It seemed like when one sees a child discovering a new thing in life - this experience was very inspiring to me. I remember Vicky always being dressed meticulously and very elegant.
May Vicky's memory be a blessing and may her spirit guide us to see things in a new light every day.....

Sascha Lazar

Vicky was one of the first people who greeted us when we came to the Temple and also invited us to go to dinner with the Wednesday Torah Class. We found out that we had much in common and enjoyed going to see films at the Planned Parenthood Film Festival and other events. We especially liked sharing our love of art and showing each other our creations. When she volunteered to make a sedar for the Temple, Eric and I helped her and Gary set up. We all enjoyed a wonderful evening. I will miss her positive, upbeat personality as well as all the other events we would have gotten to share.

Susie Ortner